6-Pack Dads

The 6 Weeks to a 6 Pack Program is for busy dads who don't have time to go to the gym, and want to achieve optimal health in the shortest amount of time.

This is not simply a fitness program...it is a total mind and body TRANSFORMATION MACHINE.

The challenge includes a money-back guarantee. Every day there will be an assignment. Every assignment will be achievable, regardless of your fitness level.

If you complete all of the assignments, and you aren’t satisfied with your results, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Plus, as a challenge participant, you get access to several "not available anywhere else" bonuses, like discounts and free access to other programs.

Are you sick and tired of being ashamed of your "Dad Bod"?

Learn How Busy Dads Are Getting Six Pack Abs In As Little As 6 Weeks, Without Going to the Gym or Completely Giving Up the Foods They Love

  • Benefit #1: You'll Learn How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat Once And For All
  • Benefit #2: The REAL Secret For Getting Your Ideal Physique With As Little As 35 Minutes/Day
  • Benefit #10: Escape The Pain Of Having To Spend Months In The Gym
  • Benefit #11: Discover The Secrets The Pros Use To Get Your Ideal Body In A Fraction Of The Time

Proven Method To Get Six Pack Abs In As Little As 6 Weeks

The Top Fitness Mistakes Busy Dads Make... and How To Avoid Them

Learn the Secrets to Get a Six Pack In Just 6 Weeks Without Totally Giving Up The Foods You Love... (Yes, even if you have obesity in your family history)

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...
A 6-week online program which saves you time and money, because there's no driving to the gym, no gym membership, and no personal trainer fees. You'll have more time to spend with the people you love, doing the things you love.

Weekly group coaching calls so you can get personalized feedback from me, and input from other challengers, which means you can accomplish in weeks what took me years to figure out.

Individualized feedback on your workouts, so you'll know exactly where to fine tune things so you can accomplish your goals faster.

​The mindset transformation needed to rewire your brain to become the best possible version of yourself, and live an extraordinary life in all the areas that matter: family, health, wealth, and spirituality.

​The scientific method I use to literally age in reverse... the same practices that took me from being a regular non-athletic guy, to being featured on a magazine cover at age 42!

Learn The Scientific Secrets to Getting a Chiseled Core in Record Time
Finally Know How It Feels To Look And Feel Great With Your Shirt Off

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Benefit #1
6-Week Guided Challenge with 45+ Modules ($3,150.00 Value)
This online training series is the shortcut to internalize the microhabits needed to keep a nice physique for the rest of your life.
Understand the science behind every element of getting and keeping your six pack.
Get in optimal shape and stay in optimal shape quickly at any time.
Benefit #2
The Equipment List
Stop wasting hours at the gym, and get real results in less time.
This shopping list is the shortcut to effective workouts at home for under $200.
You can cancel your gym membership, and save time and money by not having to commute to the gym.

Benefit #3
Access to the 6 Pack Dads/Moms Community ($97/month Value)
This private group of high achievers in all areas of life fosters connection, so you can learn from 6PD alumni and other members.
See others doing it, and get faster results.
Be part of a peer group of others who are achieving at their highest levels.
Benefit #4
Step-by-Step Workout Videos ($45.00 Value)
This series of videos makes it simple for you to know exactly how to do each exercise correctly for maximum results.
Get the most out of your daily exercise routine.
Achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Benefit #5
Daily Meal Plans ($197.00 Value)
This set of recipes makes it a snap to take in the correct balance of macronutrients.
Prepare meals without having to think about it.
The Personalized Diet Optimization Tool ($97 Value) makes it easy for you to modify your diet without completely giving up the foods you love.
Benefit #6
The Full Supplement List ($97 Value)
The exact list of supplements I take every day, so you'll know exactly what to take for optimum energy, fat burning, and immune strength.
Workout stronger, lose weight faster, and get sick less often.
See faster results from your workouts, safely and legally. No prescriptions, steroids, or injections.

Benefit #7
Personalized Feedback and Coaching Every Day ($12,900.00 Value)
One-on-one coaching via email, where we hold your hand through the process, so you get personalized guidance on your workouts, your nutrition, and your sleep.
Make the changes needed and accelerate your results, so you'll see the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.
You'll have someone to consistently praise your efforts and hold you accountable for staying on track.
PLUS! Exclusive Bonuses...

Bonus #1
The Mindset Transformation Mini-Course (Priceless Value)
This online training module holds the secrets to crystallizing new habits so you keep your sexy new body.
Reprogram your subconscious so you never get fat again, even if obesity runs in your family.
Harness the secret psychological ninja hacks to rewire your brain, so that staying in shape just becomes part of your everyday essence.
​Many students report that this is the most beneficial and transformative part of the program for them.
Bonus #2
LIVE Weekly Q&A/Coaching Calls ($3,000.00 Value)
This group coaching makes it simple for you to get your questions answered and learn from your peers.
Break through any roadblocks or challenges that may be holding you back.
Get unstuck and build serious momentum toward your goals.

Bonus #3
Discounted Access to The Reverse Aging Secrets Ebook & Video Course ($997.00 Value)
An 8-video course that pulls back the curtain on what it really takes to look and feel a decade younger.
Unlock the secrets to longevity so you can increase your chances of being there for your grandkids' and great-grandkids' major life events.
Get the look you want, faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.
Bonus #4
Exclusive Training with Industry Experts ($12,000.00 Value)
Expert tips on how to improve sleep and lower stress.
How to get defined abs without doing ANY sit ups or stomach crunches.
Tips from pro bodybuilders on how to get ripped using bodyweight exercises.

Real People, Real Results
What Are Others Already Saying About 6 Pack Dads

"I am loving this program! It is more than an exercise program. It is a self help and transformative guide for better living as well. Beautiful man!"

- Actual student, age 50

- Steve, actual student, age 50

- Richard, age 44

"Finally, a program that really works!"

"This collage is my metamorphosis. Our coach, EK, has given us the blueprint and I followed it like a soldier follows his commanding officer at bootcamp (I was just a little stricter on my carbs & calories).

I always say if I can do this anyone can.

I wanted to look good and feel better about myself. In spite of all of my health challenges I stayed determined through prayer and a total embodiment of a "Rocky" mentality.

I have worked out everyday since September of last year with the exception of only 3 days. 

Although my journey started before the 6 Pack Dads program, this program changed my body composition. I can wear clothes that I wore in college.

6 Pack Dads, Let's Get It!!!"

-K. Samuel

"I was fed up with my weight! I saw a good frat brother of mine post a pic of his before and after photos in one of our GroupMe chats and I was like damn! I reached out and he shared a link and so I just listened to what Ethan had to say. As he was speaking I was researching and thinking. Fifteen minutes into the presentation, I made my mind up and reached out to Ethan.

At the beginning of my journey, I weighed in at 251 lbs and at the end of the 6 weeks I weighed in at 229lbs! As I write this testimony, I want to be clear that this program REALLY works!

In my opinion it is designed to work for anyone no matter your age, weight, gender, or race. The important take away I got from this program is self-discipline!

I don’t feel it is over. I took this photo on April 10th, but as I write this 10 days later, I have lost 9 more pounds. As of today, I am currently 220lbs! That means I've lost 31 pounds in 7 weeks!

This is a new lifestyle for me so if anyone reading this would like more information from me, feel free to check in with me anytime as I am on a lifelong journey with 6 Pack Dads!"

-Kris Favers, age 43

"I just wrapped up 6 weeks of participating in Ethan King’s 6 Pack Dads program. I know I am not a Dad, but I had to sneak into the program anyway. This Mom wants a 6 pack too. 😁

I have been working out for years, but I have never been this close to a six pack. I still have a little ways to go, but I am excited about my progress. It has not been easy, but I am getting there. I plan on keeping this quote by Muhammad Ali close so I stay motivated to keep pushing especially on those cold mornings when I don’t feel like working out at all."

-Monica, age 47

"First of all, thank you. You know, that last week of the program where Ethan said, you know, we're just going to pump it up and amp it up a bit.... I learned this little technique where you could do like 500 pushups, a hundred pull-ups. And before I started, I couldn't do 10 pull-ups without resting. 

And when I went to the doctor before that, my blood pressure was high. I checked my blood pressure after the run this past Saturday, it was back to 120 over 80. 

So this is, I do it for my health. And Ethan, I know you stand for us being healthy. So I thank you.

Thank you, my friend. Thank you. Thank you. You're making a huge difference in the world..."

-Saurel, age 60

Yes! I'm Ready to Start Now!
YES, I'm ready for a new me.
YES, I want the body of my dreams in record time.
YES, I want to look great and feel great again!

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